Seminar Advanced Algorithms

General Information

Module When Where First Session Credits Lecturer
MA-INF 1307 Tuesday Brühler Str. 7 / 3.052 26 October 2010 4 Röglin


Depending on the interests of the participants, we will discuss recent papers about randomized algorithms, probabilistic analysis, and algorithmic game theory.


The first meeting will be on October 26. During this meeting students will be given the opportunity to choose a presentation topic. Each student will then prepare a talk of 45 to 60 minutes about the topic and write a report of about 5 pages.


Date Time Title Speaker
December 7 17:15 Uncoordinated Two-Sided Matching Markets Kai Gödde
December 14 15:45 Random Knapsack in Expected Polynomial Time Florian Liß
December 21 17:15 Learning, Regret Minimization and Equilibria Astrid Brezina
January 11 16:15 Markov Chains and Random Walks Andreas Hanisch
January 11 17:15 A Probabilistic Algorithm for k-SAT Based on Limited Local Search and Restart Kaveh Keshavarzi
January 18 17:15 Random Treaps and Skip Lists Magnus Becker
January 25 17:15 Parallel and Distributed Algorithms Le Thu Ha
February 1 17:15 Routing Games Matthias Vohl